will pi crypto be worth anything: will pi coin be worth anything latest update?

will pi crypto be worth anything then the answer will be the Yes? The pi network, Some of the users have said that when the coin launches on the exchange market, expected in 2022, it may reach a high value close to that of Ethereum or other valuable currency. This would mean that if you had mined over 2000 coins on the pi crypto app, you would be sitting on a balance of $400,000.

Will pi crypto be worth anything

will pi crypto be worth anything but until open mainnet we will not see Pi on the exchange market? Many developers are working on projects related to Pi Network and this means the project will in the future have many more utilities and this should we see a value increase. Do not expect to be rich from the Pi network in a short time as this is not the goal of this project. Be patient and have trust in the Core Team as they are the most experienced people from top universities.

The Pi network will have a bright and great future. It would be worth hell a lot after a few years. This is just not wishful thinking at all, but read the pi network white paper numerous times, and you will understand what I am talking about. A green Cryptocurrency which the world is looking for, a replacement of fiat currency which the world badly wants. All of these questions answers are pi network Cryptocurrency.

will pi crypto be worth anything?

Pi Cryptocurrency certainly will be once it comes out of its beta mining program.
Pi Crypto will have its value the day it is listed on any cryptocurrency exchange Market for public use. Pi Network became popular in the first place because it offered an easy mining Process to everyone. Since a lot of big cryptos require huge amounts of computing systems to mine even a little, this was enough of a reason to make sure pi Network stood out.

The core team of the pi Cryptocurrency project has alluded that the project will go public in March or June of 2022. When it comes to the public, it would start from zero value and move upwards or downwards depending on how well it is received. So, Why not mine some of it till then?

On the other hand, the Pi Network cryptocurrency is currently worth nothing as it is in stage 3 and has not yet launched on the blockchain market, but the back-end marketplace already has users exchanging the currency for up to $8 to $10 a coin.

Pi Network will gain more value with time. Their Pi network Browser already came on the android and iPhone stores which have pi value’s utility-based applications. According to the new update, there will be a locked & unlocked pi balance in the pi network wallet and users can preselect the percentage of locked up pi before the Mainnet also. According to the pi Core team, they are making good agreements with the different big business groups.

In the future, Pi network Blockchain can give a tough time to the Eth Blockchain also because of the Pi network’s utility, applications, scarcity, and growing demand. Pi cryptocurrency holders are around 30 million which is after Bitcoin which has over 40 million holders. According to my research, the Pi network is in a good position to surprise all of us. Will pi crypto be worth anything, Yes Just hold your pi coins, anything is possible in the cryptocurrency world. We all have been mining for almost 3 years now, and we all deserve a good rate also.

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