pi coin release date: pi cryptocurrency launch date in 2022

pi coin release date has been published by social media on the pi network community. The Pi core team said that there will be a mass KYC verification soon and will complete the process by March 14, 2022. Then all the users within the pi ecosystem can do transactions. This period will be continued till 28 June 2022. Then the Pi network will be live in the exchange market on 29 June 2022 or later, depending upon the listing on the exchange market, audit, certification of the blockchain (network), etc has to be done before pi network launching.

pi coin release dateAfter 3 years of project development, the Pi network’s core team launched the pi mainnet.

But it is an enclosed mainnet. That means the people only who are within the ecosystem will be able to use their Pi coins as trading for buy and sell. This is also for only people who passed KYC verification. So far, of the 150 countries, 15000 people have done their KYC in the pilot KYC project. 

Recently or a few days ago another 50/countries passed  KYC. So far, 22000+ pioneers have access to buy and sell their goods and services within the pi ecosystem.

That is called the open mainnet, That Fully decentralized, with access to the other blockchains, trading with another cryptocurrency even with Fiat currency.

Recently the Pi Network launched Mainnet initializing the Enclosed Network period of our Mainnet phase. Also, two new Pi white paper sections explaining how mining and supply will work in Mainnet have been released.

How to buy pi coins & pi coin release date?

Currently, You cannot buy Pi cryptocurrency because it is not available in any exchange market. When the Pi core team published a pi coin release date and listed this coin on any exchange market then you can easily buy or sell pi coins. But you can easily earn a Pi coin by downloading the Pi application and by pressing the mining button in the application every 24 hours.

At present Pi, network is not available to purchase or sell but can only be acquired via the mobile app at no charge.

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