pi coin price prediction 2030 | how much pi be worth in 2030

pi coin price prediction 2030-While it is true that it is almost impossible to predict what will happen to the Pi coin in 2030 as it has not yet started trading, we can still predict its value at that time.pi coin price prediction 2030

My 2030 Pi network price index is based on items listed in my previous forecast. My exact estimate is that crypto will trade for about $ 5. By this time, half the cycles would have made it harder for Pi coins to be mined, but billions would still be found. So, I do not expect crypto to be more than $ 5 by 2030.

pi coin price prediction 2030-Can Pi currency cross $100 until 2030?

The future is only predictable and no one can be sure, but I do not think we need to wait until 2030. Pi Network is not yet listed and the mainnet is not complete. The mainnet is expected to be completed in the 20Q of 2021.

Therefore, you can only predict future prices to some degree, and it is not good to be sure of this. However, there is a chance that it will already be trading for $ 100, and much more. Please focus on these facts.

Various users of the pi network say about pi coin price prediction 2030 that it is probably not possible to cross $ 100 by 2030. Even if its value is 10 Cents, I can make $ 10000 worth more for free mining. However, I do not want to sell this on the list. I would love to hold it for years.

It has a bright future because of its zero digging method. You may have heard of Elon Musk’s latest tweet about Bitcoin with its energy-intensive mines. Therefore, it will not be accepted at Tesla Motors. Such a problem did not exist in Pi Network.

The pi coin price prediction 2030  by technological niches is given below: 

  • Facebook, INC            $10.19
  • Nokia Corporation      $0.11196
  • Amazon.com, INC      $109.32
  • Apple, INC.                  $10.78
  • Netflix, INC.                $20.44
  • Alphabet, INC.            $6.24
  • Tesla, INC                  $179.79

Note: Above price prediction is not actual.

Is Pi Network the next Bitcoin?

No, there is no competition between Pi & Bitcoin. The pi value will never reach Bitcoin. The main reason is that the value of the Bitcoin offer is 21 million. On the other hand, the Offering of Coins is Billions. No one knows about Pi’s full offer. As we know the value of any cryptocurrency depends on the supply and demand factor. The offer of Pi is much higher compared to Bitcoin. So how can Pi reach Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is known as the Store of Value. Digital gold. Pi is for buying and selling as a payment method. It will be the most widely used public money in a few years. Pi will beat Bitcoin by user number but not by price. It is for a different purpose.

Is the cryptocurrency “Pi Network” a good investment?

It is undoubtedly worth investing in a PI cryptocurrency that will be profitable in the future. Here is the reason why investing in PI cryptocurrency is worthwhile.

PI coin is a cryptocurrency that you can even make on your phone and make a profit because it does not use your battery or RAM. It was designed by the Stanford Ph.D. graduates can also be a great thing because it depends on its community, that is, users and their collective involvement.

Pi is dedicated to helping everyday people capture the extra-economic value today that goes to banks, tech giants (e.g., Facebook, Amazon), and other intermediaries.

Pi depends on the total income of its members. If you are looking for quick cash, look elsewhere.

Pi’s main team is led by two Stanford doctors and one Stanford MBA, all of whom helped build the Stanford blockchain community, with more than 5 million members worldwide.

After all these explanations, I believe it will be a successful project, if you focus on their program you will see that they are progressing step by step and in time, they have never tried to inspire people by making a dream vision for this project.

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