minepi scam: is pi network scam latest update-2022 ?

minepi scam the answer to this question is, “At least so far to me, it’s not a scam. It’s 100% legit Crypto.” is. However, for the possibility of stealing your personal information, there is also a possibility that it is a scam. Let me Clear you in detail.

  1. No case will you pay any money there. (= It’s free)

Since it’s a free Pi, it can’t be a scam for money. Even those who speak the Pi cryptocurrency Network negatively can’t counter this. Even pessimists reluctantly admit it is free for all. If you’re in doubt about the pi network, tell someone who is mining the pi around you who would refer to the Pi Network as a scam. “I haven’t paid anything to pi network, can I do financial damage?” The person who is listening to this question will at least not be able to scam it.

minepi scam

2. Risk of stealing your personal information

Stealing your personal information is a probable story, but the odds are very low. First of all, you have to enter your Facebook or mobile phone number for information when signing up for Pi Network. But you think about it. Don’t you provide any information when signing up for many apps other than Pi Network?

The real problem is the passport document the Pi Network asks for later when it goes through KYC verification. Through a procedure that is called KYC, Pi network mined illegally must someday be incinerated. At this time, the passport document will be authenticated to prove your information that it is “one person per account”.

Because of this, many people of us think that the minepi scam app is to steal personal information from the beginning. Moreover, if you think about the Pi network, there is no basis for this either.

is the minepi scam?

First of all, there are currently no damage cases about pi the network, so we can only predict the possibility of a scam. Would it be correct to define a scam as something that hasn’t occurred yet?

Second, the gains from the listing are overwhelmingly greater than the gains from developers stealing personal users’ information. On the other hand, even if the Pi network can steal personal information, there is no reason to do a scam. The test Pi wallet development and payment test process are now a sure fact that anyone who participated in the Pi node experienced. The results of the “active pi node test”, which is the conclusive proof for the mainnet, turned out to be phenomenal.

It has over 30 million users, and the pi network ecosystem is already being created. Everything points to the completion of the pi crypto mainnet and listing on the exchange market. In this situation, if you were a good developer, would you only steal users’ personal information and disappear? Or would you like to complete the development process normally?

Therefore, a minepi scam for the possibility of stealing user personal information is, strictly speaking, possible. But there’s no chance that it will.

In the conclusion section, I would like to say that the doubt that Pi Network will be a scam is a very wrong idea, and rather, it is necessary to start mining pi as soon as possible so that there is no regret.

It has been over Three years since Pi Network mining started. It’s honestly a bit late to start mining now, but it’s better to start mining now than to do nothing. 

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